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Honsun Machinery in Dhaka International Textile & Garment Machinery Exhibition

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The most influential textile machinery exhibition (DTG) in Bangladesh was held from February 1st to 4th at the Dhaka International Convention and Exhibition Center in the capital city. The exhibition covers an area of over 30000 square meters and attracts over 800 exhibitors. It is expected to attract approximately 40000 visitors.


Bangladesh, as one of the important textile exporting countries in the world, has a thriving textile industry and huge business opportunities. To seize this opportunity, Foshan Honsun Machinery has once again pursued "Meng" DTG and deeply developed the Bangladesh market.


During the exhibition, there was a constant stream of customers in front of the booth, and the staff and agents warmly introduced the company's related products to customers, receiving unanimous praise from customers; This exhibition has achieved a complete success.

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At this exhibition, Foshan Honsun Machinery's high-efficiency open width singeing machine and fully automatic untwisted slitting scouring & padding machine, which are dual-purpose needle and shuttle, have attracted the attention of many local customers with their excellent performance, advanced technology, and unique design.


SM-2400A Open width fabric singeing machine


The high-efficiency open width singeing machine designed by Foshan Honsun Machinery uses the fabric surface to singe in a fully unfolded state through reasonable control of fabric unfolding and tension, resulting in a more uniform and clean singeing process; The unique gas pipeline design and the use of high-performance high-pressure air make the gas and air mix more fully. In addition, the latest aluminum alloy fire nozzle is used to make the fire more powerful and effective, achieving a level 5 burning effect and dust-free effect.

The machine features are as follows:

1. Multi component wire roller to fully unfold the plane

2. Multiple sets of tension control systems

3. Each fire outlet is equipped with a high-pressure fan

4. Adopting imported electromagnetic proportional valves

5. Use 4-way steam fire extinguishing method

6. Optional nitrogen fire extinguishing

7. Dual inlet and dual drainage

8. Adopting PLC touch screen control

9. Multi group online detection of fire temperature, water temperature, gas, etc


DS-2400 Automatic  detwisting slitting scouring & padding machine


The fully automatic detwisting slitting scouring & padding machine designed by Foshan Honsun Machinery is suitable for knitting and weaving fabrics, especially products with high spandex content. This type of fabric has high added value and excellent wearing performance, and is increasingly favored by consumers. However, the processing difficulty is high, and the surface of the fabric is sensitive, prone to defects such as snagging, scratches, chicken feet marks, creases, etc. The emergence of our latest design of loose untwist effectively solves these problems.

The machine features are as follows:

1. Efficient untwist design

2. Can be paired with domestic or imported split umbrellas

3. There are two to eight slots with different configurations

4. Each slot is equipped with 4 spray nozzles for cleaning cloth surfaces

5. Use multiple sets of roller or expansion bending rollers

6. The washing tank is equipped with steam heating and can be used for other processes

7. Woven fabrics can be equipped with efficient rolling mills, with a maximum pressure of 20 tons

8. Adopting PLC touch screen control, simple operation

Foshan Honsun Machine Equipment Co., Ltd. design and manufacturing of dyeing and finishing machinery for more than 20 years.

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